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Bli medlem IPS


TorvForsk är den svenska nationalkommittén av International Peatsociety.


TorvForsk stöder forskning och utveckling med koppling till torv, torvmarker och torvanvändning.

Med vårt stipendium vill vi främja forskning, kunskapsutbyte och kommunikation av vetenskaplig, teknisk, social samt samhällelig karraktär inom området torv- och torvmarker.


Branschföreningen Svensk Torv är en branschorganisation för Sveriges torvproducenter och en systerorganisation till Stiftelsen Svensk Torvforskning.

Inbjudan och program till IPS årsmöte 2017

Nu är programmet för IPS, International Peatlands Society, årsmöte i Aberdeen den 28 till 31 maj klart. Ju tidigare anmälan desto lägre pris. Ett begränsat antal hotellrum är reserverade så ska du åka, anmäl dig snarast.

ipsmaj17.jpgHär finns inbjudan med info på engelska

”Second Circular IPS Annual Convention in Aberdeen

- additional information for NCs" 

Programmet >>

Dear National Committee Chairs and Secretaries,

We are now in the run up period to this year’s IPS Convention in Aberdeen Scotland where we are planning an incredible peatland event for you. The overall Theme ‘Responsible Peatland Management’ is very topical and important as it appears on the agendas of many international conventions, programmes and agencies. The Convention will focus on peatlands used for agriculture, forestry, industry and other uses. There will be sessions on peatland restoration including a special one on tropical peatland restoration so come and contribute and learn.

This is the principal event of the year for IPS National Committee and our members so please support it. Without your involvement IPS cannot succeed. Grand events such as this one in Aberdeen cost money so please support us financially so we can provide the extra things that make a conference memorable. This Convention will be held in the beautiful Scottish City of Aberdeen in the northeast of the country. You will have the opportunity to participate in a one day excursion to take in some of the landscape of mountains, farmland, coast and more while sampling some of the special delights of distilling malt whisky, viewing peatland and its restoration, visiting stately homes and more. You will also be entratained in an 18th century stately home where you will also dine and wine to the sound of bagpipes and watch Scottish dancing. This is a one in a million event so please come and be part of it.

The Convention registration, room booking and payment systems are now open and it is first come first served. Book early and get the ‘early bird’ discount rate for IPS members. If you have any questions please contact me.

I hope to meet you in my native land.

Mile failte: a thousand welcomes

Best wishes

Jack Rieley

On behalf of the Convention organisers

The following information was sent to you previously by Susann Warnecke but I am repeating it here.

“As you know, the Annual Convention of the IPS will be held this year in Aberdeen, Scotland, organized by the UK Peat Society. We warmly welcome you to attend and have some extra information for you. Please also share the Second Circular (attached) and website of the event, to your members.

It would be great if you could write your members in your own language, a short and attractive piece of information with data from the website and the link would work very well.

Also additional sponsors are needed. Here is where we are:


The IPS Annual Convention 2017 will be held in the Marriott Hotel, Dyce, Aberdeen, Scotland about 2 miles (3.3 km) from Aberdeen International Airport. We chose this venue for the convenience of our international colleagues.

2. The Convention will span 4 days from Sunday 28th to Wednesday 31st May.

It will consist of IPS business meetings – Executive Board, Scientific Advisory Board, National Committee Round Table and Annual Assembly – and the main events of symposium, workshops, excursions and gala dinner.


In terms of numbers attending we are expecting a minimum of 100, based on our IPS National Committees and industry colleagues who usually attend the Convention. The symposium and workshops and social events should attract at least another 50 participants but we are planning for a maximum of 200.


We are holding 100 rooms for double or single occupancy in the Marriott Hotel, Dyce, Aberdeen on a first come first served basis. There are many other hotels, guest houses, B&B and hostels near to Aberdeen airport and in the City of Aberdeen and details of websites and transport possibilities are contained in the Second Circular.


We have some very excellent and opportunities in the symposium and workshops to highlight the most important peatland issues of the day so please help me to raise the money to pay for the best keynote speakers, provide the registration bags and some things to go inside them, provide wine at the Gala Dinner or any of a number of things. Please just ask me for a list.


We have four choices of excursions planned for Tuesday 30th May to a selection of wonderful venues in one (actually the) most beautiful and amazing countries in the world of which nearly 20% is covered in peat. You can see Neil’ Godsmans bog which he still works, nature reserves, forests and forestry, peatland restoration, whisky distilleries, historic houses and castles and more. This is the chance of a lifetime with an opportunity to stay over before or after the Convention to see more of my home country.


If you are really keen there is also a post-Convention excursion for only 15 persons to the Flow Country of Caithness led by Roxane Anderson to see this truly most fantastic bogscape and the work that has been done to restore large sections of it by removing non-native conifers that were planted in the 1970s.


If this isn’t enough to persuade you to pack your bags and come to Aberdeen wait until you experience the Gala night. This will be the ‘piece de resistance’, the ‘icing on the cake’ or any other superlative that comes to mind! Imagine the scenario. You will be taken from your hotels to the 18th Century Haddo House 25 miles (40 km) north of Aberdeen. It is the end of May so the nights will be long. It is at a latitude of 57.2o compared to Oslo and Helsinki at 60o. You are taken to the front door of this large stately home once owned by the Earls of Aberdeen but now in the care of the National Trust for Scotland since 1989. This house is complete with all of its original contents and furnishings. We shall be received for a drinks reception in the library and on the way will pass other rooms full of amazing things and follow corridors along which the rich and privileged used to walk. From here we shall go outside and walk around the front of the house to the large banqueting suite where we shall have dinner and be entertained by bagpipes and Scottish dancing while we eat. Once satisfied, the tables will be cleared and the dance floor exposed for the Ceilidh (Scottish form of dancing marathon involving much exertion!) that will fill the rest of the evening until the coaches transport you back to your hotels.

10. You cannot purchase an evening such as we are planning for you so ignore the cost and come for the experience of a lifetime.

What more can I say except please help the UK Peat Society make this a fantastic Convention, one everyone will remember for a very long time.

Best wishes

Jack & Susann


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